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Pregnancy is a journey like no other. It is the start of a new human life. It is also the birth of a mother who, over nine months, changes in every possible way – physically, emotionally and socially.

Your nutrition, wellbeing and emotions during this wonderful time play a large role in defining the rest of your baby’s life. The experience must be safe and containing for you to provide your baby with the ultimate start and shape his potential.

These talks are for you if you are wanting to reduce the anxiety that may stem from the unknown and gain insight into how to: nurtureprepare and birth your bump.


Birth Your Way

Dr. Tom Mokaya


Day 1 Debunked

Dr. Britta McLaren


Fit for Motherhood

Letshego Zulu


Breastmilk 101

Dr. Danielle Prime


Sharing Sense

Panel Discussion


Congratulations on your new baby!… now what?

The early months of having a new little person in the home brings overwhelming joy, but also many very new challenges for the whole family. Navigating new-baby challenges need not be overwhelming. Simple guidance on sleep, calming your baby and nutrition will empower you with confidence to nurture your baby. Making life a little easier so you can connect and engage with your little one.

These talks are for you if you are looking for guidelines and insight into how to: CalmSleep and Nourish your baby.


Understanding Colic

Speaker to be announced


Tech and Tots

Meg Faure


Allergies and the introduction of solids

Kath Megaw


Sharing Sense

Panel Discussion


Becoming a new parent is a life stage shift like no other!

With all the focus on pregnancy and having a newborn baby in the house, very little thought is given to how becoming a parent changes our relationships and finances. Going from adulthood to parenthood is a huge and often under-acknowledged shift in our world and taking the time to ponder on and visualise this chapter in our lives, both practically and emotionally can be a huge benefit to entire family unit.

These talks are for you if you want answers to your FinanceBonding and Fatherhood questions.


Financial Sense

Priya Naicker



Craig Wilkinson


Time management for working moms

Janice Windt


Juggling the parent ball

Speaker to be announced


Sharing Sense

Panel Discussion


The statement “She sleeps like a baby!” takes on a whole new meaning when you become a parent!  Our expectations of how a baby sleeps may be very far off from reality.

Unfortunately the truth usually only emerges a few months into parenthood – that sleep is one thing that will never be the same. The interesting part is that understanding how babies sleep holds the key to getting your baby to sleep.”

Sleep is a very complicated part of early parenting, which is part of the reason that it presents such a challenge. There are simply so many variables, from nutrition and health to anxiety and sensory needs.

These talks are for you if you are looking for solutions and approach to:  Separation from you, Self Calming and Soothing.


Bedtimes for a good night sleep

Alison Bentley


Dry at night?

Lulu Becker


Why is my baby not sleeping?

Ann Richardson


Sharing Sense

Panel Discussion

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